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Center Valley, near Chimacum, WashingtonCenter Valley farmland, © Norman MacLeod

About us

Gaelic Wolf Consulting is a multi-faceted firm with core strengths in natural resource issues and policy, government operations, and communications. Since 1997, we've been involved in researching and developing strategies for regulated communities and helped local government establish government-to-government working relationships with state and federal agencies to resolve difficult regulatory challenges.

We came into the arena of natural resource policy services as state and federal regulatory frameworks developed increased impacts to the human environment in areas of wildlife and ecosystem protection, natural resource use, and local economies. Seeing a need for new forms of policy relationships that includ intense stakeholder involvement, we began assisting local governments in problem identification and forming policy-building groups of government officials, scientists, and members of the regulated community that work together with state and federal agency responsible officials to develop and implement policies that meet natural resource protection goals establish necessary balance between the needs of the human environment and the needs of the natural environment.

Believing that the single most important stakeholder group in any policy development effort is the people whose activities would be regulated, we seek to connect this group closely to the agency responsible for the policy. We then help develop a comprehensive team of professionals and stakeholders who will play key roles in the process.

Ecosystem protections should be as high as reasonably achievable so we consult with field-experienced professionals for their ideas on how to provide high levels of protection without bringing economic hardship to affected communities. We combine many of those ideas with our experience in working with government agencies to develop flexible affordable approaches to solving the issues.

We work to identify the balance between the needs of the human environment with thoue of the natural environment. Once balance points are identified, we work with the affectred communities to develop viable policies supporting affected local economies and their natural environments.