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Eagle launch
Eagle launching at Seaview, © Norman MacLeod


Thank you for dropping by to share some of your valuable time with us.  We're happy to show you what we do and how we may be able to help you answer your needs.

In business since 1997, Gaelic Wolf Consulting provides a unique mix of tools to design effective science-based policies and follow through with a broad selection of Internet communications tools to carry your message about those policies to the full range of stakeholders.

If we haven't answered your questions, or would like to inquire about a scope of work, please contact us today.

What we do

Believing that effective balances between human needs and ecosystem protection can usually be reached through a system of education and incentive, we work with groups of stakeholders and policy-makers to develop effective policies built on a firm foundation of independently peer reviewed scientific information.  Whenever high levels of ecosystem protection can be achieved without the use of regulatory restrictions, we work toward policies that do not adversely impact citizens in their use and enjoyment of property.

We work with legislators to help develop legislation that supports the efforts of agencies and departments build regulatory frameworks that are sensitive to the needs and capabilities of the citizens who make up the regulated community.

While we believe that working proactively with legislators and agencies has the greatest potential for achieving effective balance for the protection of natural resources, we also work with many of our clients who are already being economically challenged by existing laws and regulations. Our goal is always to work toward effective, long-lasting solutions to the needs of our communities and the quality of our environment.

Who we work for

The short answer?  We work for you. Your interests are what we focus on when we are meeting your needs.

The longer answer covers a lot of ground. There are many public policy issues that require expertise that most of our clients don't have available in-house.  Our clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual businesses and citizens
  • Business organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Academic institutions
  • Legislators
  • Attorneys

No opportunity is too small, no challenge too large.  For particularly large-scale projects, we partner with other specialized firms to bring many decades of experience and expertise to bear for you.